1.0-beta5 release.

Changes on this release:

  • New: Added support for running in the background. 
  • Fix: Crashes on Linux and OSX during shutdown.
  • Fix: Conflicts with
  • Fix: Music was muted randomly if crossfade enabled.
  • Fix: Slightly faster playlist list loading.
  • Fix: The menu was focused instead of the list randomly.
  • Fix: Focus was lost when playback ended while on now playing view.
  • Fix: Random crashes on arm hard float due to wrong lib shipped.
  • Fix: Useless debug information got printed to the log file.
  • Fix: Random clicks were heard when changing tracks.
  • Fix: Added default cover image for albums with no cover.
  • Fix: Installation issues on XBMC Gotham.
  • Format: zip
  • Size: 8 MB
  • Downloads: 365819

1.0-beta4 release.

Changes on this release:

  • Fix: Album covers were not displayed on remote apps (again).
  • Fix: Crash when startup view was set to playlists.
  • Fix: Freeze/skip effect when attempting to play unavailable tracks.
  • Fix: Incomplete gui state when returning from music vis.
  • Fix: Wrong reporting of current track on some situations.
  • Fix: Freezes when starting playback from another device. 
  • Fix: Playback issues on XBMC 12.1.
  • Fix: Tracks got silenced/skipped sporadically on the first seconds.
  • New: Added hard float armv6 lib.
  • New: Use hi-res album cover art.
  • Format: zip
  • Size: 9 MB
  • Downloads: 62735